Simon Kraft


Art Director

Mooch with Three


Three asked us to develop a campaign to launch their new family plan, allowing users to add anyone for an additional fee of 99 SEK/month to their subscription. We saw this as both a blessing and a curse for those with the best plan. They can decide who gets to benefit from their subscription, but people will also want to mooch (snylta) off them.


To launch the new service, we highlighted the dangers and advantages of having the power to add anyone to your subscription. With the campaign “Mooch with Three" (Snylta med Tre), we spread the message that you can now add anyone, but not without warning about all the "freeloaders" who are likely to want to mooch off your subscription when you get the family plan.

Trevligt - New creative concept

Three has historically had a somewhat negative reputation (fueled by somewhat pushy salespeople). To create a new image for Three, we turned inward and drew inspiration from Three's kind, helpful, and friendly office culture (something they have won awards for). From this, we launched the concept “Trevligt” (A play with the words “three” and “nice”) - an expression that made it easier for Three to stand out in a highly competitive industry but also a word that explained Three's philosophy: To develop services that make you say “trevlig!” / “nice!”..

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