Simon Kraft


Art Director

Old milk


We were tasked with helping Coop establish itself as the most green and sustainable trailblazer among the Swedish grocery chains. To answer the brief we decided to challenge how we communicate around sustainability by trying to create a way that would actually help swedes become more sustainable.


Today, countless tons of food are thrown away in Swedish homes because their best-before date has passed, not because they are unfit for consumption. That's why we created Old Milk, a perfume that mimics the smell of undrinkable, sour milk. A product developed to spread Coop's commitment to sustainability, but also a real tool designed to help consumers differentiate between unusable milk and milk that has only gone past its best-before date but can still be consumed.

Bronze - Cannes lions, Silver - Guldägget, 2x Gold, 1x Silver - FAB Awards, Gold – Swedish PR-Awards


Old Milk spread both organically through traditional and social media, reaching 250 million impressions in two weeks. To broaden the reach even further, we organized sampling events in the city, outdoor billboards, podcast collaborations, advertising with scent samples, and sent bottles to influencers.

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