Simon Kraft


Art Director

En bättre plats för dina viktigheter


Kivra has grown to become Sweden's largest digital mailbox - but wants to position itself as a hub for much more than that, by allowing you to receive not only your tax returns digitally, but also receipts, invoices, salary information, contracts, and upload your own important documents. All of this in a safer, simpler, and more environmentally friendly way. How do we demonstrate that Kivra is a brand with a voice, have an intriguing offering, and the obvious choice for your important documents?


In a comprehensive rebranding of Kivra, we launched the creative platform “En bättre plats för dina viktigheter” (A better place for your important stuff) - using the swedish word viktigheter as the new guiding word for describing what Kivra is all about. Viktigheter is all the important stuff you can collect in Kivra, it’s your digital mail, but also everything else important that you can gather in the app. A better place for your important stuff of, simply put. “Viktigheter” were introduced along with a new tone of voice and a new graphic identity featuring a custom font, updated colors, and a more friendly, appealing appearance.

Have your collecting gone a bit too far?

With the rollout of the new platform and identity, we also launched our first campaign. With the campaign, we aimed to establish Kivra as a place for people who take collecting seriously. We are all collectors of different degrees, and Kivra is for those who wants to take their collecting to the next level.

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