Simon Kraft


Art Director

Game of Phones


Atea is one of Sweden's largest IT suppliers. To increase visibility for its sustainability efforts, they decided to participate in Almedalsveckan. Sweden’s biggest political event helt every year. Some might say it's enough, but we believed it required something special to stand out in the noise.


How many old mobile phones do we have lying around in our homes? To raise awareness and show that Atea takes sustainability seriously we collected and recycle a huge number of phones and turned them into a throne. During the height of Game of Thrones popularity, Atea launched their own “Game of Phones”, a throne made of old phones to remind us all that there are millions of old devices lying in drawers across our country.

Gold - Gyllene Hjulet


The throne became a huge attraction during Almedalsveckan, drawing hundreds of visitors daily. It was covered in most traditional and digital media. The success of the throne led it to go on tour, visiting fairs and events across Sweden. Occasionally, it rests at Atea's headquarters.

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