Simon Kraft


Art Director

feel the force machine


How do we help Coca-Cola generate interest in their limited Star Wars collection created in collaboration with Disney? And ahead of the premiere of the film The Rise of Skywalker? Star Wars fans are a tough crowd to impress, but we decided to captivate them with the opportunity to fulfill one of their dreams.


We created the Feel The Force Machine, a vending machine that allowed Star Wars fans to compete for Coca-Cola's limited cans by using "the force," an ability Star Wars fans have dreamed of using for over 30 years.

Eurobest – Bronze

How did it work?

The machine used EEG technology to read the contestants' brain activity. The person who concentrated the hardest made the can on the playing field float toward them until it crossed a finish line. Our force-powered vending machine toured various Sci-Fi events and cinemas across Europe simultaneously as the final Star Wars film premiered.

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