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Art Director

chair of attention


TMF (The Wood and Furniture trade association) asked us to help them attract more young people and see their industry as a future profession. Today's youth prefer to work in something that brings about change and allows them to be creative and innovative. How do we connect these interests with an industry that has an image of being old-fashioned?


To show more young people the innovative possibilities within the wood and furniture industry, we created the Chair of Attention. A chair for students with ADHD/ADD that was specially designed to communicate the need for assistance to the responsible teacher without drawing attention from classmates.

Resumé - Winner, campaign of the month


The project gained enormous earned coverage and was featured in nearly all news media. Additionally, it helped raise awareness for the industry, and over 50% of those surveyed expressed interest in working in the wood and furniture industry after seeing the project.

TMX – A long term concept

Chair of Attention was the first of many projects under TMX, our creative concept and experimental department for TMF created to challenge the boundaries of what is possible in the wood and furniture industry.

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