Simon Kraft


Art Director

baby talk for dads


UNICEF has a global parental program where they assist parents and their children in connecting and building strong relationships. We were tasked with helping them spread awareness about the positive impact of this program while also encouraging more fathers to engage in the early development of their young children.


Spending time with their children doesn’t come as natural to all fathers. As mother usually are the primary caretaker in the beginning. To help fathers around the world talk and play more with their infants, we created Baby Talk for Dads. A web app designed to encourage fathers to speak baby talk (Parentese) with their children, a language that research has shown supports a child's cognitive development.

Shortlist - Webby Awards

How did the app work?

Baby Talk for Dads was divided into three sections, with varying levels of difficulty. The user's mission was to listen to words and sentences spoken and then articulate them in baby talk while talking to their babies. The app was designed with simplicity and speed in mind, making it easier to tackle the challenges and encouraging users to share their results.

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