To reduce food waste in Sweden, we helped them learn to trust their senses instead of best-by dates. How? We launched Old Milk – a perfume that smells like milk gone bad. Which works as a reference you can use to compare to your milk at home.

Insight and Concept

Over 60% of all food waste happens in people's homes. And in Sweden, 30% throw away edible food without smelling or tasting it. Coop, the country's most sustainable food chain, wanted to help reduce the waste their costumers produce. But how? Well, because of labels such as best-by and best before, we have started to stop trusting our senses.


To change this, we launched Old Milk – a perfume that smelled like milk gone bad. The fragrance was made to help Swedes learn the real smell of bad milk and start thinking about their behaviour arond food waste. This would start a conversation around food waste, and at the same time provide a real solution.


From the get-go, the fragrance was picked up by news media all over the world garnering over 360 million earned media impressions. Together with a national OOH campaign, perfume-events, influencer seeding kits and prints with scent-samples. There was no one in Sweden, or any other country for that matter, who weren't affected by the smell of Old Milk.