Before the release of “The Rise of Skywalker”, Coca-Cola designed 6 special edition Star Wars cans. To spark interest in collecting the cans, Coca-Cola decided to create an unforgettable brand-experience, by making every Star Wars fan’s biggest dream come true: A chance to try The Force in real life.

Insight and Idea

The solution: Feel the Force Machine, the world’s first interactive vending machine powered by the force of actual brain waves. Fans got a chance to battle for a Coke with their minds, by wearing EEG-headsets that analyzed the electric activity in the user’s brain stem. The one who concentrated the hardest, was able to move the playing can to their side. The machine toured cinemas and key venues in Europe, where fans stood in line for hours to try it.

How it works

By using EEG-headsets, the machine could analyze the electric activity in the user’s cerebral cortex, within the frequency range 4-40 HZ, the amplitude of the pulses in high frequencies (Gamma 13-39) and Beta (> 40 Hz).


This technology made it possible for the player whose brain activity measured the highest level of focus, to move the playing can to their side, leading to the machine dispensing one of the special edition cans for the winner.