We re-launched Coca-Cola Light Taste in Europe with an integrated campaign with the concept "Take it Lightly", in which we encouraged people to not let the small stuff take away too much joy from their relationships. The campaign includes a film signed director Fredrik Bond, out-of-home and social media, all leading to a digital personality test created with renowned Swedish relationship expert Jacqueline Joo, where the user could find out how lightly they take their partner’s annoying quirks.

Insight and Concept

Research shows that young people, the main target audience of Coke, worry a lot. Important things, but also about a lot of trivial stuff. We thought this could be away for Coca-Cola Light to become a part of a more worry free attitude to life.


Relationships is one part young people worry a lot about. But would become a lot more hassle free if just saw the bigger picture and left the small stuff behind. With this in mind we created a campaign around taking the small stuff in your relationship more lightly, so you can enjoy your life together more.