How can we encourage students to reflect on their drinking habits during the most party-filled years of their lives? Together with IQ, we created a personal party chatbot to help students drink smarter and thus feel better and have more fun when partying.

Insight and Concept

Students are perceived to be forward thinking and tech obsessive, yet they haven’t changed drinking habits since the 1800’s. We created Bottler, a chat bot in Facebook Messenger to innovate the way students party and make them reflect on their alcohol consumption, and thus, have more fun!


Bottler have so far got an earned media reach of 700 000 chat interactions, 15 000 unique interaction with an average of 50 interactions per user – with no paid media at all. But more importantly, by introducing a personal party trainer, we got thousands of students to drink smarter and have more happy memories of their student years.

Project Statistics

The project was highlighted in various media channels such as:  VicemetroBuzzterFeber.